November 8, 2008


Update on the Baten Kaitos Origins Fanart

I just couldn't figure out a background :/. I think it's better to just show the character.

worked a bit on it:

Sagi looks so much like a girl haha.


  1. I love the second piece!>////<
    They are both good!
    I'm so glad I found youT____T///

  2. beide bilder einfach der hammer T_T..vor allem das erste..ich würd auch gern sowas können;_;

    iru <3

  3. very nice. been watching you on DA for awhile, but hasn't seen any updates. bookmarking this blog now, and looking forward to more updates =)

  4. sorry you asked ... you use painter? or photoshop? How to achieve this technique so cute? hehehe ^ _ ^
    I enjoy watching your work! are a great art!

  5. @Juna: Thank you so much! <3 I hope I can finish the second one soon.

    @Iru: Du kannst das doch.

    @e1n: Aw, e1n! Thank you so much! I am so lazy, that's why I hope this blog will motivate me. Do you also have a sketchblog I could link to?

    @Crisart: Aw, thank you!! I also love your art *_*. I use Photoshop for most of these, though sometimes I sketch in openCanvas as well. And I'm just ... painting, I don't really have a technique ;_;.

  6. fertigmachen fertigmachen fertigmachen und dann ne BK Gallery bei PP einrichten....


  7. Man, I was instantly attracted to the second piece there *A* Then again, that might be my fascination with WWII kicking in there X3