November 6, 2008


New blog, let's see. I really want to become better.


  1. wth XD;;; omg I didn't realize that the design on top was from you XDDD;; damn. Sry for the lame reaction yesterday XD but I was right, I think it's not the usual stuff you see everywhere :3.

  2. i shall watch you here! id love to see your sketches, those are always the most fun imo...

  3. @Athena: Haha, was it so bad/good that you didn't recognize it? I wanted to draw my new coat, but then it ended up in that thing...

    @Cassandra Jean: Aw, thank you! <3 Yes I also like sketches the most to see what an artist is capable of, though mine aren't really very interesting. But I want to improoove so bad. Oh btw how do you follow these blogs? ôo