July 24, 2009


Lower part of a page of the comic:

I also started uploading the comic. I hope I can update often :)
You can read it here if you like, it'll be written in English --> Comic at Animexx


  1. Wow!
    I loved your work, is impressive. I liked the beginning of the comic, it feels very cold.
    I do not understand much of this website is just a preview? or will continue to publish the following pages?
    Does this story is yaoi? (I ask for the theme of the web, curiosity).

    Thank you very much for sharing. I love the guy, very handsome.

  2. Aw crisart, thank you so much! Yes I will continue the story there, I'm just drawing the pages up ahead to have something to upload each and every 1-2 days. As it's gonna be quite a long story I'm not sure how long it will take me in the end.

    And it's not Yaoi (even though I draw them too pretty haha), it will be horror and thriller set in the WW2 time. But it's aaalll fictional except of course the WW2-setting.

  3. ich mag boss auf dem linken panel total .__.!
    auch wenn alles länger dauert, durchhalten ;_;! später wirste stolz drauf sein es geschafft zu haben *_*!