November 19, 2008


Practice...? Uhm.

Low-effort. Sorry for this. Read this in a LJ comment and I had to paint it, though he couldn't hold him like this...

And a character from one of my stories. I'm still trying to find a way to draw them :/


  1. the top picture is so beautiful! the colors and lighting looks really nice *___*

    ...I actually have the same problem when I draw original characters =/ I can never decide how to draw their faces - not too realistic but not too manga-styled either. it's tough when you don't have a good idea of what you want D:

    and yayyy, you got a blogspot! :p (this is silverhalo from LJ and DA, by the way, I've liked your art for a while!)

  2. ich sage einfach mal nichts und genieße es <3!

  3. I particularly like the two first ones ! Your painting skills are really good ...

  4. Also knowing which lj comment you're talking about /leer
    Enjoying here as welll~ *∀*